My #earrings for #eid 🙈
Forever eating #indianfood 😳 (at Chote Nawab)
Chocolate black out and lavender doughnuts (possibly the best doughnut combination ever) w my fave co-intern @swartzy07 #foodporn #summerdiet2014 #yolo #literallynoregrets (at Doughnut Plant NYC)
Ramona Quimby coming at u with the hard faCts #love #romance #seduction #orlackthereof #idothesamething #workseverytime #jk #mustbewhyimsingle (at Too Much Game)
Is it cause my homie’s rich u feel some type of way? #3.5k #isyoureallyboutyourmoneyornah #workhardplayharder #drinksonme #jk
Anonymous said: plz help! So my school gave me really sucky aid > $10,000 in loans I tried appealing them by threatening that I'd transfer to another school that gave me more money. The thing is they only offered me a fraction of what I asked for and now I don't know what to do because I still have those sucky loans to worry about.I know I still have the option to go to the other school. only I don't want to leave!I know it sounds lame but I already have friends here and i don't want to be a freshmen again =(

honestly there’s nothing you can do. i only applied to private need-based schools which are the most generous in aid so i wouldn’t have a similar problem. you could try meeting with financial aid people and tell them about extenuating circumstances your family is facing that aren’t reflected in your annual income and see if that helps, usually they’re pretty sympathetic. you should try applying for small scholarships online, i know niche has a bunch, and they’re pretty easy to get. college is pretty unavoidably expensive though, especially if you’re from a middle class fam. :( sorry, good luck!

Finally lost my #lavender #icecream virginity 😋 (at Sundaes & Cones)
Anonymous said: yay, you're back on Tumblr! how was your first year of college?

:)) And it was… an experience. An inordinate number of purely insane shit happened to me and I still cannot really fathom that my freshman year turned out the way it did… if you want to know more we’ll have to discuss it over dinner or something haha.

#tbt to long monochrome hair :)
I found the secret #garden
#thai #food aka heaven?
How god intended summer to be spent #rooftops #cheapwine
Sweet treats w sweet bxtches #dessert & #gelato @sunnymiamidlo @amitabose
#pressed #juice + #flowers = #happiness