college in less than 12 hours.. wtf!! :)

i hope people like me…

Anonymous said: whats your dates name ?


Anonymous said: You looked stunning and your date is very good looking as well! The height difference haha so cute

haha thanks, yeah it’s a bit sucky to be so short but such is life

Anonymous said: Have you found out if you can go to college now?

ya i still have to look into this one grant but other than that everything seems ok… phew.

literally nothing worse than thinking your future is no longer…

also i got into the BEST first year seminar which is crazy difficult to get into (admission is random and highly coveted) and i feel like that was god’s way of apologizing for putting me through all that shit haha

Anonymous said: Please post pictures of you from prom I want to see how beautiful you looked in your dress :)

aw that’s so sweet!!!! i didn’t look very beautiful at all but felt beautiful in the sense that i was surrounded by so many people whom i love and felt so happy :) i’ll post some 4 u

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Anonymous said: Why aren't you going to college ?

my illiterate parents did their taxes wrong so i no longer qualify for aid and can’t afford 62k a year for school…

So I might not be going to college. Which I admit, was at first (or rather, still is) a pretty intense mix of infuriating and heart-breaking. Especially when I think of all those days and nights spent in utter misery with only the slight glimpse of positivity (provided by the knowing of a better future for myself, my family, my future children- I would give my kids everything they need to grow and develop into beautiful and intelligent and curious people who live not only for themselves but for the world) keeping me alive.

And the feeling of having all of that possibly ripped away from me, is awful. But I’ve realized how many wonderful people I have in my life who believe so greatly in me and are willing to stand-by me and put up with me at my worst (which is, to be frank, 99% of the time). And perhaps this is an opportunity for me to grow in ways I hadn’t imagined before. Maybe I can finally take up my Brown interviewer on that internship she offered me or become an intern to the cranky writer whom I never had the courage to write to. Maybe a gap year is precisely what I need.

But of course, as my friends and family have been telling me, there is also a pretty large chance that everything will be okay and I will end up in college this fall hating the people but loving the alcohol- one can only pray.

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Anonymous said: was prom everything you hoped for?

yes it was absolutely perfect. i am so blessed to have such incredible people in my life!!! :’)

Anonymous said: prettiest girls in each of your classes

is this a real question?

i am attracted to individuals who are kind, intelligent, and open-minded. i don’t rank them based on appearances in my mind and neither should you…

Anonymous said: what does love feel like?

love feels like Dylan.

heartbreak is sad but bonebreak is worse


Anonymous said: did he cancel?

ya timing wasn’t right. haha.